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After the publication of Timber's book, Timber - A Perfect Life (November 6, 2007), I was asked by the local (Libby, MT) newspaper, the Kootenai Valley Record, to write several columns about animals. Below are links to each of the articles, along with the date they appeared in the Kootenai Valley Record.

Animal Intelligence:  Smart or Stupid? (12/10/07)

Umwelts:  What's It Like To Be Another Animal? (12/24/07)

Wolves: Conflict and Compassion (1/7/08)

Pack Rats:  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (1/21/08)

An Animal’s Place In Our World (2/11/08)

Wolves and Deer: Fact From Fiction (2/25/08)

Living With Wolves:  A Management Dilemma (3/17/08)


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