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Timber had made a positive influence on the lives of many people during her long sixteen years of life. I created this section of the web site for those who are interested in learning more about this amazing dog and her unique approach to overcoming obstacles that seemed insurmountable. Her success made her even more special and foraged the close bond we shared for over a decade and a half.

Timber sleeping

Timber - A Perfect Life

A book about Timber's life was published in November 2007. It is available for purchase through Wolf and Wildlife Studies or online via iTunes. From the back cover:

“Timber - A Perfect Life” is a powerful and emotionally-gripping account of the sixteen year relationship of author Jay S. Mallonee and his dog Timber. As they found out together, the effects of abuse can last a lifetime. After only nine weeks of life, Mallonee became her third owner. Previous owners had tied her to trees and beat her which resulted in emotional problems, such as consuming rocks to relieve her constant anxiety. For years they worked to overcome every challenge presented to them - and succeeded. Through it all, Timber's intelligence and extraordinary personality shined. Eventually their partnership created a third entity - a closeness so deep they were more empowered together than alone. Her loss, therefore, was as profound as the life they had lived. Anyone who has suffered the loss of someone close, such as a dog, human, or otherwise will see how they are not alone in their grieving and that it can transcend species. “A Perfect Life” is a story of hope in which the impossible was made possible through hard work, patience, and love.

Praise for Timber - A Perfect Life
Nice work. The imagery is fantastic.
-Writers Literary
The characters are fabulous, as is the plot. I am impressed with your imagination, writing skills, and storytelling ability. The readers will truly love this material......you have a gift for writing.
-Cynthia Sherman, professional writer and book reviewer

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