Wolf and Wildlife Studies
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Artelle et al. 2014 - When science-based management isn't

Bradshaw and Schore 2007 - How elephants are opening doors: developmental neuroethology, attachment and social context

Bryan et al. 2014 - Heavily hunted wolves have higher stress and reproductive steroids than wolves with lower hunting pressure.

Ceballos et al. 2015 - Accelerated modern human-induced species losses: entering the sixth mass extinction

Chapron and Treves 2016 - Blood does not buy goodwill: allowing culling increases poaching of a large carnivore

Cook et al. 2016 - Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming

Creel and Rotella 2010 - Meta-analysis of relationships between human offtake, total mortality and population dynamics of gray wolves (Canis lupus)

Darimont et al. 2015 - The unique ecology of human predators

Department of the Interior 1973 - Endangered species act of 1973

Estes et al. 2011 - Trophic downgrading of planet earth

Fernandez-Gill et al. 2016 - Conflict misleads large carnivore management and convervation: brown bears and wolves in Spain

Gude et al. 2011 - Wolf population dynamics in the U. S. Northern Rocky Mountains are affected by recruitment and human-caused mortality

James et al. 2016 - Exposure to greenness and mortality in a nationwide prospective cohort study of women

Lutz et al. 2016 - The biogeography of red snow microbiomes and their role in melting arctic glaciers

Mallonee 1991 - Behaviour of gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) summering off the northern California coast, from Patrick's Point to Crescent City

Mallonee 2008 - Movements of radio collared wolves and their significance on pack assembly

Mallonee 2010 - The truth about wolves

Mallonee 2011 - Hunting wolves in Montana - Where are the data?

Mallonee and Joslin 2004 - Traumatic stress disorder observed in an adult wild captive wolf (Canis lupus)

Miklosi 2007 - Dog behaviour, evolution and cognition

Morehouse and Boyce 2011 - From vension to beef: seasonal changes in wolf diet composition in a livestock grazing landscape

Packer et al. 2009 - Sport hunting, predator control and conservation of large predators

Parmentier et al. 2015 - Rising methane emissions from northern wetlands associated with sea ice decline

Rahmstorf et al. 2015 - Exceptional twentieth-century slowdown in Atlantic Ocean overturning circulation

Ripple and Beschta 2012 - Large predators limit herbivore densities in northern forest ecosystems

Rutledge et al. 2009 - Protection from harvesting restores the natural social structure of eastern wolf packs

Sekerci and Petrovskii 2015 - Mathematical modelling of plankton - oxygen dynamics under the climate change

Treves et al. 2012 - Longitudinal analysis of attitudes toward wolves

Treves et al. 2016 - Predator control should not be a shot in the dark

vonHoldt et al. 2016 - Whole-genome analysis shows that two endemic species of North American wolf are admixtures of the coyote and gray wolf

Weilgus and Peebles 2014 - Effects of wolf mortality on livestock depredations

Weilgus et al. 2013 - Effects of remedial sport hunting on cougar complaints and livestock depredations


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